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Proč byste si měli vybrat parní vysavač

Proč byste si měli vybrat parní vysavač

Taking care of your home is an act of love for yourself and the loved ones with whom you live. To do it in the best way, it's good to always look after the environment, choosing ecological and sustainable cleaning methods.

Steam is an excellent alternative to the use of chemicals and detergents. For simple and quick daily cleaning, the solution could be to use a steam vacuum cleaner, with its many advantages.

Multifunction vacuum cleaners use the power of steam to wash and sanitize any type of surface, as well as to refresh home textiles such as curtains, sofas and mattresses. With the latest generation appliances, like Polti Unico, the multifunction vacuum cleaner that vacuums, steam cleans and dries, cleaning becomes even quicker, thanks to the triple functionality.

The benefits that derive from the use of a steam vacuum cleaner are many.


Steam cleaning is not toxic because it uses only heat and water, avoiding chemicals that would become harmful if dispersed in the air. If you use steam for daily cleaning, this will not happen and the house will remain free of chemical residues.


Using a multifunction vacuum cleaner that exploits the power of steam, germs, bacteria and dust mites can be killed effectively. In addition, the steam can remove mould, grease and encrusted dirt without using chemicals, thus creating a safer environment for children and others.


As the steam kills and eliminates dust mites, germs and bacteria, the use of a multifunction vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for those who suffer from allergies. Water and heat create steam, completely natural, sufficient to kill the air allergens that trouble allergy sufferers.


Despite the initial investment, which will depend on the model of multifunction vacuum cleaner selected, in the long run steam cleaning is also cheaper. Just consider the ongoing cost of various detergents and household cleaning products. In contrast, steam cleaning requires only water and electricity to operate the appliance. Nothing else.

The convenience of a ulitfunkční vysavač lies in its set of very useful accessories, suitable for cleaning any type of surface and meeting different needs. Choosing the right accessories based on your needs will make cleaning easier, even for the most difficult to reach places.