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Čištění jemných podlah: jak čistit parkety

Čištění jemných podlah: jak čistit parkety

Parquet: an increasingly popular floor for the home, but also one of the most delicate. Elegant, it gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as having long life if treated well. Often it is its delicacy that, in terms of cleaning and maintenance, is scary but really it's easy to understand how to clean parquet and ensure its longevity.

Wooden floors are very delicate materials and may have been treated in various ways as well as being of various types. They can also be difficult to maintain because they can undergo changes over time: exposure to light, air and humidity may cause colour changes or swelling over time.

It's important to pay attention to the type of parquet and to be cautious, but certainly cleaning wood with natural products cannot damage it. This means avoiding abrasive products, alcohol, solvents and aggressive chemicals that can ruin the parquet: wood is alive and, as we know, breathing chemicals is not at all positive. Your wooden floor doesn't like liquids, so even water, poured directly onto the surface in large quantities, can be damaging.

There are several natural ways to clean wood

Always paying attention to the type of surface to be treated, it is possible to use a solution of lemon juice and olive oil: while the first is an excellent natural detergent and degreaser, the oil nourishes the parquet making it shiny. If used alone, olive oil on parquet is also useful for hiding scratches: a few drops are enough on a soft cloth and the surface will immediately be improved.

An alternative natural solution is the use of steam which eliminates dirt and germs without aggressive detergents; for a delicate action, which is also suitable for wooden floors, it's sufficient to avoid directing the jet of steam onto the surface by using a microfibre cloth that protects it and retains excess moisture.

Knowing how to clean parquet carefully is easy

The first step required to achieve perfect cleaning is to remove dust, hair and lint from the surface with a simple electrostatic cloth, applied, if the model allows it, to the steam cleaner.

Once the dust is removed, ideally steam the cloth of a cordless steam mop and pass it over the parquet. In this way, the warm microfibre cloth melts the dirt and captures it, sanitising the surface without damaging it. If you have any doubts about using a steam mop on parquet, just choose the right one that doesn't allow the steam to come into direct contact with the surface of the floor.

The choice of cloth is also essential. Using a special cloth for delicate surfaces can affect the preservation of the wood, as well as guaranteeing optimal cleaning results.

In addition to daily cleaning, the wooden floor needs special care and attention to keep it beautiful over time.

To avoid spoiling the floor, it's useful to consider some tips. In addition to avoiding throwing water and liquids directly on the floor and using aggressive chemicals, you must be careful not to cover the wood with heavy carpets for a long period of time, use felt pads under chairs or tables to protect the wood from scratches and avoiding walking on it with heels or shoes of any kind.

So, if you've chosen the elegance of parquet for your home, ban too much water and chemicals and too much traffic...