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Čtení štítků na oblečení

Čtení štítků na oblečení

Before washing, drying or ironing an item of clothing, it is a good idea to read the label. Doing so can help you avoid creating felted jumpers, turning formerly white sheets pink, or shrinking trousers into shorts.

Knowing the meaning of the symbols on the clothing labels helps to avoid unwanted results, even if the labels are not always clear and easy to understand. Before we start, a general rule: if the item is made up of more than one fabric, you should follow the instructions that apply to the most delicate part.

#1 Wash labels

916717258Machine wash. Normal.

1070262304Machine wash. Temperature 30°.

62902545Do not wring.

1388532406Machine wash. Medium.

1978704462Machine wash. Temperature 40°.

686807396Bleach when needed.

1935299974Machine wash. Gentle.

204977422Machine wash. Temperature 60°.

1939539059Non-chlorine bleach when needed.

1455182192Do not wash.

951187947Hand wash.

2105487819Do not bleach.

#2 Drying labels

994218921Tumble dry.

2030087906Dry outside.

1570285765Dry in the shade.

2099901813Tumble dry. Low temperature.

1633662099Line dry.

1166172070Line dry in the shade.

972451732Tumble dry. Normal temperature.

1660070458Dry flat.

196933437Dry flat in shade.

1135236819Do not tumble dry.

810039005Drip dry.

2085976740Drip dry in shade.

#3 Ironing labels

596563487Iron at any temperature, dry or steam.

441082217Do not steam.

660699488Do not iron.

624761582Ironlow heat (synthetic, acrylic, nylon, polyester).

832148304Ironmedium heat (wool, silk).

572925345Iron high heat (cotton, linen).

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