Dry, powerful and constant steam,
since 1978

Vaporella: your steam generator iron with boiler

Today our professional steam irons are simple, fast and affordable.
Vaporella was created in 1978 when Franco Polti had an idea: to bring professional quality ironing into domestic homes. In fact up to then perfectly ironed garments were the privilege of laundries. With Vaporella's steam, generated in the high pressure boiler, you can iron faster, smoothing out creases easily, for perfectly ironed garments, as if you'd just picked them up from the laundry. The dry, powerful and constant steam generated in the boiler is the real secret for ironing quickly and effortlessly. And the quality is clear to see, at the first glide of the iron.

Dry, powerful and constant steam from the high-pressure boiler.

The heart of Vaporella is the high pressure boiler, able to generate high power constant steam to ensure extraordinary ironing results. The pressure of the steam generated in the boiler penetrates the fibres of the fabric, smoothing them out and making the movement of the iron over the fabric faster and more effective. With the steam produced by Vaporella you can iron several layers of fabric at the same time, so that it's faster to iron sheets and tablecloths, and you can even iron vertically (for example: jackets, coats, and hanging curtains

Dry, wrinkle-free garments thanks to the holes concentrated at the tip.

The Vaporella soleplate brings the special feature of having the holes concentrated at the tip to allow a more powerful and concentrated steam output, rapidly penetrating the fabric and instantly eliminating creases, while the rest of the soleplate sets the pressed fabric and dries it. So with a single sweep of the Vaporella your garment will be ironed in seconds.

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